As a result of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, The Boston Family Office is taking steps to ensure the safety of our clients, staff and community. We are fortunate to have invested in technology that allows everyone in our office to communicate with our clients remotely and to complete all necessary trading and money transfers online.

This week, our team has successfully transitioned to working from home. In addition to considering the safety of our team members, we also believe it is important to separate key professionals to ensure continuity by preventing the risk of an office-wide contagion. Whether we are in the office or at home, our main phone line (617-624-0800) will continue to allow you to access our individual voicemail as well as leave a message on the main line. These voicemail boxes will all be checked on a regular basis.

We also have remote meeting technology which allows us to schedule both internal and external meetings over the internet. Our teams continue to meet for updates regarding our operations and market developments and the Investment Committee maintains its regularly scheduled meetings to review markets, our investment holdings and your accounts. We are grateful to live in a time where technology makes this possible.

For the time being, rather than mailing or faxing any materials or requests to the office, we ask you to first contact us by phone. Other than that, we believe we can continue to offer you the same high level of service as when we are all physically in the office. Our goal is to keep everyone healthy and to continue to provide our clients the service they deserve, especially during these challenging times.

We wish everyone well as we navigate this unprecedented situation together.

The Boston Family Office

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