About Us

Our Guiding Principles

To manage our clients' assets as if they were our own.
To provide continuity of service across generations.
To accomplish both at a reasonable cost.

At The Boston Family Office, we develop a comprehensive plan for each client based on their existing assets, immediate needs and long-term goals. On an ongoing basis, we monitor and communicate investment results and adjust the portfolio or strategy as needed.


Individual account management
Each client's account is individually managed and is continually overseen by a principal of The Boston Family Office. In addition, our Investment Committee reviews each account semi-annually noting instances of high cash levels, concentrations in individual securities and excessive weightings in market sectors.

Objectivity and independence
We are a privately held partnership, which allows us to maintain a truly long-term approach and focus exclusively on serving your financial needs.

Tax sensitivity
Managing assets of individuals and families requires a particular sensitivity to taxes, given those investments are often called on to support multiple generations and can involve low-cost positions. With each client, we determine an acceptable level of capital gains to be harvested and manage each account with these longer-term tax consequences in mind.

Multigenerational client experience
As our name implies, we are well versed in the complexities of managing assets across multiple generations, with their diverse and conflicting objectives.